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Are you suffering muscle or joint pains?

Are you an athlete wanting to improve performance?

PostureFit injury treatments and performance sessions are suitable for people from all walks of life. Our clients include the girl next door to Olympic and World Championship athletes.

Treatment plans and efficient performance sessions combine years of experience working in Podiatry, sports massage, coaching and competing, and finally utilising Anatomy in Motion.

Anatomy in motion is game changing in the world of physical therapy. The work and study of Gary Ward has analysed and document the optimum human walking pattern. When a body doesn’t follow this optimum movement pattern it leads to overloading of muscle and joint structures leading to muscle and joint pain and injuries, as well as inefficient physical performance.

Treatments are gentle and non-invasive and suitable from people aged 8-80. 

Servicing customers from Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Here is PostureFit colleague Gary Ward presenting on the BBCs Dr In The House.

At PostureFit we utilise Gary’s Anatomy In Motion work in our client treatments.



I visited Darren at PostureFit, his approach was different but very logical and he explained the detail behind my issues!! Darren addressed my symptoms with some exercises completely foreign to me, I thought he was jesting.

Within a a few minutes my posture was improved, the pain in my neck had gone and remains gone(2 weeks and counting), the results are impressive.

I swear this man could be a WIZARD!!



Thank you so much for what you did for my painful foot yesterday. It is like a miracle! I just can’t thank you enough. I am so excited about it! It has been very painful to walk on for so many years, even after the neuroma operation, and it was getting worse. I was really getting desperate because I am a fairly active person and I was wondering if I would have to go back to hospital and give up my dancing completely. I cannot believe how you improved my foot yesterday.

I know that this is going to change my life.



Darren’s experience and expertise helped solve my foot issues that I was having in the early part of the season. He addressed my issues and using GAIT analysis prescribed a new set of insoles which have eradicated any discomfort and blisters which I was struggling with. I would recommend his services and advice to everyone.

Tom Lindsay

Rugby Player, Wasps RFC

Having spent a number of years coaching junior rugby with Darren, it was clear that he was able to support player development with exceptional knowledge of body posture and positioning to enable players of all abilities to perform to their best physical capabilities. Darren’s very personal style of teaching adapted well to the learning style of the individuals. I learnt a lot myself about body posture and explosive power from Darren during our coaching tenure.

James Bowes



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A case study.


Committed runner presented with hip pains and tight IT bands. Following biomechanical examination including use of FOOTSCAN and treatment plan with use of prescription orthotics the patient reported:

“Orthotics have transformed me.  I have no pain at all in my IT band or hip from running.  The occasional niggles I get are from sleeping on it, and running in orthotics even relieves any tightness.”

“My hip and leg are completely different”

“I am 10 weeks away from my marathon and training more intensely than I have done before – I thought I would have to stop running at the time I saw you”

This patient completed their marathon in a personally very respectable time.