Darren Kerr

Movement and Posture specialist Darren has experience working in many settings with many people from both sporting and professional backgrounds. During his sporting career Darren has experienced international success lifting British and World titles.

Darren’s corporate experience has included logistics, transportation and manufacturing settings. During this time he worked on UK regional and global projects, introducing and developing standardised safety and wellness policy and procedures.

As a coach with over 25 years’ experience he has worked with County, National, and International athletes from juniors to seniors. His coaching experience has even included working with Olympians and world record holders.

The knowledge, experience and education gained from being an athlete, coach, posture therapist and business roles are combined  to bring a professional and effective approach to clients suffering muscle and joint pains 

With an inquisitive mind and “out the box” thinking, Darren has been able to identify underlying root causes to otherwise difficult to treat conditions. Darren apples his Theory of Movement concepts to people suffering in their day to day or in their sporting lives.

This treatment approach is effective for sports people including runners, rugby players, footballers, racket sport players, bobsledders, strength athletes and fencers. This treatment is not only available for elite athletes  but relevent to a broad range of abilities from club to World Class – all of which require very unique solutions to their specific problems and conditions.

Appointments are held at multiple disciplined clinics across Bedford and Milton Keynes, which have teams of experienced health and sports injury specialists.