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POSTURE AWARENESS training for employees Working from home or in the office

Proactive and Preventative Workstops

POSTUREFIT employee workshops and wellbeing services are fun, engaging and educational.
We will help your team uncover the underlying restrictions and imbalances in their bodies. 
These same imbalances can lead to future physical issues developing, including work related musculoskeletal injuries.
WonkyBodies employee events leave attendees with tools and techniques to keep them safe and pain free at home and work. 

  • Are you a business with employees working from home?
  • Are your employees working from makeshift desks and workstations?
  • Would you like to help your employees from suffering muscle and joint pains and injuries as a result of their work?

PostureFit can help you. Our online WonkyBodies workshops are perfect for people working from home office environments.
The workshops are fun, informative and engaging to ensure employees have techniques and strategies to keep fit and well.


Is manual handling training a legal requirement?

Under UK Manual Handling Regulations employers are legally obliged to ensure all employees are trained and competent in manual handling. Hazardous manual handling task should be avoided and managed to ensure risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Does manual handling training STOP people from suffering manual handling injuries?

NO…….Use of good manual handling principles and techniques will help to reduce risks of handling tasks…..but training alone will NOT stop injuries occuring. Many studies around the globe have been conducted to support this fact. Check out the links at the bottom of the page.


This is why PostureFit doesn’t just train employees in manual handling principles and techniques. Our courses include Posture Awareness training which engage attendees in simple strength and flexibility movements too. This element of training helps course attendees learn about the physical restrictions in their own muscles and joints. Armed with this information, additional techniques are taught to help attendees keep their body moving well.

The manual handling TILEO acronym can be used to assess each manual handling activity within your own organisation. The acronym ‘TILEO’ stands for TASK, INDIVIDUAL, LOAD, ENVIRONMENT and OTHER FACTORS.

Using TILEO will help your business conduct risk assessments for your work and activity.

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