Who is wearing phits 3d printed orthotics?

What are orthotics & are they right for you?

Orthotics (From Greek meaning ‘to straighten, to align’)


Foot orthotic insoles are devices inserted into shoes. They provide support for the foot by redistributing ground reaction forces acting on the foot joints while standing, walking or running. Orthotics can be used by everyone from children to athletes and the elderly. Custom or off the shelf orthotics will accommodate bio-mechanical conditions and a variety of soft tissue injuries including plantar fasciitis and Achilles’ tendonitis. 


Who wears orthotics?

  • People from all walks or life 
  • Workers
  • Children
  • Sports men and women including:

              > runners, athletes, footballers, racquet sport players, walkers and ramblers.


PostureFit supply orthotic insoles in a variety of fits and styles to meet our client’s needs.  Your personal requirements will be met by choosing the right device for you and your condition. Your personal needs can include simple heel cushions, off the shelf devices and our flag ship product – Phits 3D Printed orthotics are bespoke to you.


Phits 3D printed orthotics are made using the very latest foot pressure technology.  PostureFit prescribe Phits orthotics to effectively treat pain and injuries of our clients in these specific areas:

feet | ankles | knees | hips | back | spine  and general poor posture.


DIABETES – Foot orthoses can be used in the prevention of foot ulcers for high risk diabetic feet. PostureFit orthotic fitting services start by optimising function of the feet to ensure the finished device provides the best comfort and function.


Before orthotics are prescribed PostureFit will carry out a full body bio-mechanical assessment, which includes screening muscle and joints. This will identify any underlying conditions and can find other things contributing to your specific problems. During your assessment Footscan analytical software will be used to look at the detail of your standing foot pressure and walking pattern.


PostureFit is unique in this blended approach to treatment. Before orthotics are supplied, every effort is made to ensure your feet are performing to their dynamic best.


Both feet should act as a dynamic adaptable foundation so the rest of the body can function above. But unfortunately because of modern life our feet lose their optimum dexterity. Some examples:

  • wearing restrictive and unsuitable footwear
  • spending our lives on flat solid surfaces
  • living a sedentary life at work and home
  • posture adaptions due to our life histories, injuries and incidents


The human body design is millions of years old and it was built to be barefoot on soil or sandy surfaces. Not many of the global population still live in this way.


The foot and hand structure are very similar, but do you know anyone who can demonstrate the same level of dexterity and control in their feet as they have in the hands?


How long will it take for my orthotics to work?

It may take a short period of bedding in before you can wear your orthotics comfortably all day. You may have to moderate the time you wear your devices during the first weeks. The bedding in period will depend if you are wearing them for sport or during long period of standing and walking.