What are orthotics?

Orthotics (From Greek meaning ‘to straighten, to align’)

Foot orthotics are devices inserted into shoes to provide support for the foot by redistributing ground reaction forces acting on the foot joints while standing, walking or running.They are used by everyone from children to athletes and the elderly to accommodate bio-mechanical deformities and a variety of soft tissue conditions. 

PostureFit supply orthotics in a variety or types and style to meet lifestyles, footwear requirements, bugets and personal choice. These include simple heel cushions, off the shelf devices and our flag ship product – Phits 3D Printed orthotics

Phits 3D printed foot orthotics are state of the are using the very latest technology to effectively treat pain for people:

Foot orthoses may also be used in conjunction with properly fitted orthopaedic footwear in the prevention of foot ulcers in the at-risk diabetic foot.

Prior to orthotics being prescribed PostureFit will undertake a full body bio-mechanical assessment along with muscle and joint screening, to identify any underlying condition which may be contributing to your specific issue. During the assessment Footscan analytical software will be used to look at the fine detail of your stance and walking pattern.

PostureFit is unique in it’s blended approach to treatment. Where orthotics are identified as a suitable treatment option every effort is made to ensure your feet are already performing to their dynamic best. Each foot should act as an adaptable 3 corner foundation for the rest of the body as we go about daily activities. Unfortunately as a result of modern life, wearing restrictive and unsuitable footwear and also spending our lives on flat solid surfaces our feet lose the optimum dexterity they could have, if we were barefoot on soil or sandy surfaces.

The foot structure is not dissimilar to that of the hand, but who do you know who can demonstrate the same level of dexterity and control in their feet as they have in the hands?