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Gait Assessment and biomechanical assessment – Footscan®

Footscan® force plate and software are utilised and supported by patient history and physical examination to identify underlaying causes of pain and physical injury. Footscan® and G-Walk are used to analyse patient gait, stance and balance, and points of excess and unwanted loading.

AiM therapy applying Theory of Movement © to deliver rebalance & alignment programs

In conjunction with prescription orthotics we highly recommend our clients to undertake a Restoration program to educate the client through exercise, and restoring their body back into efficient function. Read out testimonials.

ORTHotics: custom and off the shelf

PostureFit offer a full range of orthotics to meet the needs of patients from all walks of life. From children to sportsman, or workers to walkers we have an orthotic device to meet your budget and specific needs.

phits 3d printed orthotics

RS Print™ the company behind Phits orthotics, is a joint venture of RS scan and Materialise founded in 2014, as the result of the quest for the perfect custom orthotics using dynamic gait analysis and state of the art 3D printing technology.

RS Print™ is being regarded as one of the game changers in contemporary orthotics and footwear industry. Ready to set a new standard in patient care, expert empowerment and technological development. PostureFit are one of only a handful of clinics in the UK who can boast having a Phits Expert to prescribe these industry leading devices.

PostureFit health assessments powered by SOZA

PostureFit health assessment powered by SOZA is aimed at improving general health. It does this by taking a client through a 45-minute health assessment consisting of short health tests. These tests produce around 120 data readings from “point of care” devices that provide the nurse or clinician with instant readings. No laboratory analysis is required.

The data is then entered in to a cloud-based system (Microsoft Azure) and passed through a series of algorithms.

Using the power of computer technology, the system then cross references the data through approximately 7,500 calculations and within 2 minutes, a detailed picture of the employee’s health is produced in the form of a report.

The report is available to view immediately and then again on line, on mobile phone, computer, tablet etc., in an clients own time.

The report is unique. It is tailored and completely bespoke for that customer.



sports massage.

Many postural dysfunctions have associated tight and weak muscle imbalances. These imbalances can be addressed by massage with relaxing, strengthening and stretching treatments.

We can offer both pre and post massage treatments for serious sportsmen and women, as well as treatments for people suffering from work and other day to day stresses.

Our treatments aim to:

  • Relax fatigued and tight muscles
  • Avoid muscle soreness by flushing out toxins following sporting activity
  • Improve fluid balance in soft tissue and increase recovery by encouraging replenishment of oxygen and nutrients to muscles

Improves performance by:

Improves muscular strength where weakness is identified. Improves muscle flexibility and joint movement to improve performance.


corporate services


PostureFit services and treatment programs are not just for sportsman and women. For many people the most physically demanding challenges they face are from their daily work. From maintaining good posture whilst sitting and a desk and computer screen to performing manual handling tasks in an industrial setting, PostureFit can deliver:

      • Manual handling and DSE training with a ‘twist’
      • Employee screening using Footscan®
      • Manager/Employee Posture and Alignment training, educating in the Theory of Movement©.