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Click the picture above to see Gary Ward delivering AiM on BBC TV

At PostureFit we utilise Gary Ward’s AiM (Anatomy in Motion) principles and philosophy to deliver a patient centred treatment. We offer an open minded blended approach to treatment. Taking the best of our AiM, Podiatry and bio-mechanics knowledge, sports coaching and international competitive athlete experience, along with sports massage and PT training.

Gary Ward

“Breaking The Mould of Anatomical Thinking”

As seen on BBC’s Dr. In the House – Gary is an author, educator and speaker on the subject of human movement and anatomy. He is the inventor of the Flow Motion Model: a simple description of what the body does and when it does it…

At PostureFit you will be exposed to AiM during your very first appointment, trying to identify the root cause or causes to your current pain, injury and condition. You will be introduced to:

  • Foot pressure analysis and awareness
  • Lifetime whole body injury and physical experience history
  • Whole body muscle and joint screening 
  • Correct movement treatment including wedge therapy



Body Restoration

Body Restoration package are the ideal treatment plan for people suffering long term muscle and joint injuries and conditions.

feet | ankles | knees | hips

back | shoulders | neck

Body Restoration packages are also beneficial for clients wanting to improve their sporting performance – bringing alignment and balance to their posture.

The package includes:

> 1 x initial consultation

> Footscan gait and posture screening

> Treatment plan and access to online video exercises

> follow up appointments and set of PostureFlow exercise wedges. 

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