A team or Scientists led by Professor Ril’Fool from the Geneva Institute of Chronic Pain have announced today that after decades of research and extensive study a cure for the global pandemic of “chronic back pain” has finally been discovered.

This breakthrough will pave the way for millions of back pain sufferers from around the world, who constantly have their lives dominated by pain and suffering, to once and for all be free from this miserable burden.

The answer to this suffering may be surprising.  For years the western world has been seeking the ‘holy grail’ cure for chronic back pain. These include some genuine old wives’ tale therapies: bee sting venom, potato peelings placed on the area of pain, eating black beans and even wearing red flannel pyjamas. We have also witnessed magic pills and simple exercise being the way to fix our suffering.


 Obviously, none of these have ever been proven to work in the long term. But this latest finding has uncovered faulty genetic code in our DNA. Changing faulty chromosome, T-MBaaS-01, has been identified as the game changing solution to this painful musculoskeletal puzzle.


  • The date of this press release must be questioned – it is 1/4/2022!
  • Professor Ap Ril’Fool and The Institute of Chronic Pain are fictional
  • Chromosome T-MBaaS-01 (There Must Be an answer Somewhere – 01) isn’t a real Chromosome
  • My apologies for this but it had to be done. There are however some real facts below about back pain and how to resolve it.


The real FACTS

  • Back pain is a genuine global problem
  • Causes are complicated and multifaceted.
  • There is rarely a single root cause to the problem.
  • Studies suggest up to 80% of adults suffer back pain at some point in their life.
  • The three main functions of the spine are to: 
    • Protect the spinal cord, nerve roots and several of the body’s internal organs.
    • Provide structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture.
    • Enable flexible motion
  • The average spine has over 120 muscles, around 220 ligaments, 100 joints, and you are born with 33 individual vertebrae (some fused). That is a lot going on!!

Clearly with so many bones, muscles and other soft tissue the spine was designed to move. It is actually incredibly tough and robust if we use it!

Modern life doesn’t help us as we now spend so much time sitting in ergonomic furniture which actually does the work of the muscles. We also engage in very little exercise. Even the most basic of movements, walking, is a challenge for many of us to do well. This means when we do need our backs to function the strength and dexterity is just not there. 

Layer this up with the injuries and incidents our bodies endure, leading to compromised movement patterns which then overload parts which are not designed to take the excessive loads. In particular the body’s centre of mass. Somewhere near L4/L5 which happens to coincide with probably the worlds most injured and painful body part. 



PostureFit can help people like you uncover the root casue(s) of your pains and start you on the road to recovery.

We start by:

  • Looking in detail at your injury and physical history. There are often many clues as to your current suffering.
  • Analyse your walking pattern 
  • Screen your foot pressures in stance and dynamic gait.
  • Test the muscles and joints of your whole body.
  • Start to explore the movements you can do and ones you can’t

We can now work with you as an educator and student rather than patient and therapist, to help facilitate you to learn how to take control of your own body and pain. We will teach you techniques and strategies to recover a pain free, free moving body.


We also work with businesses offering employee health and wellbeing workshops

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