🤬Niggling injuries can be a pain in the arch🤬

Not only pains in our arches, but also feet, ankles knees, hips and everything else than moves…..or at least should move.

Very often these niggling injuries creep up on us getting progressively worse as we go about doing the things we enjoy. There was no obvious recent incident leading to the current suffering, and things may have been going quite well as you increased the level of involvement in your chosen physical activities.

It is a complicated puzzle to solve but a great place to start could be looking at things you might already know. For Example:

🦵️ Biomechanics – how well do you move? Perhaps you know you have a tight this or that? Maybe you have a slight limp that wears your shoes in a particular way? Maybe your head tilts or your body always leans one way when you see a picture of yourself? Maybe you suffered a broken ankle 20 years ago and have never been able to move the same since?

👠 Footwear – Perhaps you love wearing you old faithful shoes even though the heels are trodden down and the sole is worn through? Maybe you must wear heavy restrictive safety shoes at work? You might even be expected to wear high heel shoes to match the high-powered role you have at work? Or maybe you can just never get a good fitting shoe for your foot shape?

🤸‍♀️ Activity – This can include your work and recreation. Perhaps you work in hospitality, standing for long hours and often in a static position? Maybe you spend all day sitting, in the car on the way to work at your desk in the office and then on the couch at home in the evening? Maybe you are training to beat your marathon PB and training 6 days a week?

Each of these areas could be the single root cause of your pain and suffering, but it is perhaps more likely to be a combination of things bubbling up into the perfect storm for maximum niggle and irritation.

👉 Scenario 1 – Long hours spent standing in high heels on an old ankle injury.
👉 Scenario 2 – Desk based job, viewing multiple screens with an old whip lash injury.
👉 Scenario 3 – Security officer with a minor limp from an old football injury, standing and walking for long hours in shoes that don’t flex

 ❓Why Wait For The Niggling Injury

It is possible to start considering these areas of concern before you start suffering niggles.

😭 How would your life or the life of your employees be impacted if you/they started to suffer an niggling injury that stopped you/them doing the things you do every day?  

Many of us visit our GPs or dentists for regular check-ups.
How about taking a similar approach with your musculoskeletal system?

You can start yourself today.

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