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Overview of Soza Health – It’s all about you…

Soza Health is a wellness and lifestyle health assessment. It promotes “health improvement”
Its aim is to provide information to clients to encourage improvements in general health wellbeing and vitality.

Many of the worst diseases that inflict humans are diet and lifestyle related. Educating people on what specific dietary and lifestyle modifications they can make, will ultimately assist in preventing the onset of ill health in the first place. This is “preventative health”.

From a corporate perspective, encouraging employees to become more aware of their health and fitness, fits in very well with occupational health and wellness strategies aimed at reducing absenteeism and optimizing the performance of staff.

History of Soza Health
Soza Health is the brainchild of businessman and philanthropist Lord David Wolfson of Sunningdale. Through his charities he has provided grants to facilitate the development of a mobile health assessment system that encourages a culture of “preventative Health” through lower cost health assessments, made available to all. His aim was and is, to empower and educate people with the facts and trends that affect their wellbeing. Soza Health is the living embodiment of that vision.

The product idea was born back in 2003/04 when Lord Wolfson first commissioned the research project. A series of prototypes were built on spreadsheets and then subjected to medical trials in the UK, Israel and Russia, over a period of 8 years.

A research team was assembled to analyse the outcomes, write up the research and develop the algorithms to be used in a system that could ultimately be scaled and commercialised.

Medically validated science was used to build the basis of the system. The algorithms, also based on validated medical science, were assembled, but due to the number of calculations required and their complexity, computer power was required to enable the outcomes to be produced almost instantly. It is this automation of reviewing the data so fast which is one of the key selling points of the Soza Health system.

How Soza Health assessments and the instant reports work
Soza Health is a health assessment aimed at improving general health. It does this by taking an client through a 45-minute health assessment consisting of 9 short health tests. These tests produce around 120 data readings from “point of care” devices that provide the nurse or clinician with instant readings. No laboratory analysis is required.

The data is then entered in to a cloud-based system (Microsoft Azure) and passed through a series of algorithms.

Using the power of computer technology, the system then cross references the data through approximately 7,500 calculations and within 2 minutes, a detailed picture of the clients health is produced in the form of a report.

The report is available to view immediately and then again on line, on mobile phone, computer, tablet etc., in the clients own time.

The report is unique. It is tailored and completely bespoke for that customer.

The report:

o Identifies functions of the body that are working well and areas which are working less well.
o Identifies areas of vitality and how to maintain and improve that vitality.
o Identifies what kind of diet and lifestyle is right for that individual.
o Recommends foods, recipes and exercise that will benefit that individual.
o Demystifies all the contradictory information about diet and lifestyle that is available in the media and provides specifics to help each customer make small or significant changes to their lifestyles.

All other health screening propositions available in the market are designed to identify the symptoms of ill health, often when it is too late and then treat these symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs. Soza Health aims to stop this trend by trying to encourage people to make small changes to their life and then come back in 6 months’ time and see how much they have improved.

The Soza Health difference

Up to now there has been no product on the market that can tell a person where they are on the spectrum between optimal health and ill health.

A lack of symptoms is viewed by most health screening systems as being healthy.

The Soza Health system on the other hand, not only tells a person where they are on this spectrum, but what they need to do prevent the risk of moving down the spectrum in the wrong direction.

99% of people who go through a Soza Health assessment leave with guidance on how they can improve their health.

Current alternatives in the market will seek to identify the 10% who need immediate medical attention. Soza Health captures the 90% that these competitors ignore.

It is also sold at a fraction of the price of other health screening products in the market. £189 to £250 as compared to £600 to £900.

Data, Analytics and Management Information

SOZA Health Assessments are available for private clients and corporate customers

The Soza health system collects a lot of data. This data can then be presented back to:

o Employers – insights into corporate health
o Individual clients – personal health benchmarking
o Partners – Data for health actuarial services
o Research community – eg Loughborough university

Data can be presented in many ways:

o By client
o By age
o Ethnicity
o Location
o Age
o Gender
o Salary band
o Job type


Employers – Soza Health is attractive for organisations with medium to large work forces, concerned about the cost of absenteeism due to the ill health of their staff, for whom the cost of conventional health screening is prohibitive for all but the most senior executives.

Health, fitness and performance – Soza Health helps individuals assess how far from optimal functionality they are, empowering them to increase mental and physical performance, through tailored diet and lifestyle changes and assess trends in performance over time.

Screening and Triage – The Soza Health system can assist in the assessment of disease risk, enabling people to take a pro-active approach to their health, fitness, performance and wellbeing. Where appropriate, patients can be immediately referred to an appropriate branch/specialism of the healthcare network.

What to expect from a Soza Health assessment?

How healthy are you really?

Very few people are 100% healthy. Many of us can feel healthy without realising that lifestyle and nutritional habits might be increasing the risk for ill health even in the absence of symptoms.

Preventative health
Soza Health is a health assessment system designed to identify early signs of ill health, often before you notice anything. It provides suggestions and guidance that focus on the root causes of possible ill health, aiming to reduce the risk of disease in the future. This is key to successful preventative health.

Most diseases are induced by poor diet and lifestyle

Soza Health can help you understand the effects of poor diet and lifestyle and get you back on track, even if right now, you feel fine. It is a personalized guidance system which will provide suggestions on the right diet and even the right kind and level of exercise, that is best suited to you.

The assessment
A Soza Health assessment consists of several health tests that look at your heart, lungs, blood, kidney, bladder and other body systems. It takes around 45 minutes to collect enough data from these tests to create an accurate picture of your health. The tests are as follows:

• Urine and saliva analysis
• Blood analysis
• Bio-electrical impedance analysis
• Blood oxygenation analysis
• Body temperature analysis
• Lung function analysis
• Core blood pressure analysis
• Digital pulsewave analysis
• Heart rate variability analysis

The Soza Health report
Secure, confidential and advanced “cloud-based” technology then analyses the data and produces a detailed and personalised health report. The report, which takes around 2 minutes to generate, is designed to be both informative and educational.

The analysis of the data involves assessing the health risk of 9 body systems. The report then displays a percentage risk score for each one of these systems. Each risk score is then broken down into 3 or 4 sub categories allowing the patient to better identify areas to focus on. The lower the percentage, the lower the risk. Diet and lifestyle suggestions are then offered for all high-risk categories.