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Bunion Masterclass

The Bunion MasterClass is a interactive online workshop designed to educate sufferers of bunions on alternative thoughts of how they develop and progress, and also explore alternative methods of treatment, other than surgery.

The avenues of treatment are based my Podiatry training and knowledge blended with training in Gary Wards AiM (Anatomy in Motion). AiM is a game changing philosophy of whole body movement being intricately related of flowing model.
Traditional wisdom has lead us to believe bunions are either inherited or developed as a result of poor footwear choices. This may to a degree be true but it leaves gaps. What about the person who didn’t make poor footwear choices? What about those people who only suffer a bunion on one foot? What about the people who suffer layers of physical history which could contribute to bunions?
We will pick our way through all this and share exercises and strategies to relieve pain other symptoms. We may not enable your bunion to completely straighten up, but we can create new experiences to bring function and movement back to the feet.
is interactive and all participants will receive a bunion repair kit which will be used for the “corrective” exercise plan.
Ideal for bunion sufferers or people who believe they are developing bunions. Footballers, dancers, runners, golfers and all active people will benefit from attending this great workshop.

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#WonkyBodies Programme

 What’s it all about?

“It’s an online programme to raise awareness and deliver treatment through habit.

Awareness of your body restrictions and imbalances, which cause pain and discomfort.

Then encourage habit where PostureFit will guide you through restoration exercises for aligned, balanced and efficient movement patterns to help build the habits which instil a lasting change”

Who is the The #WonkyBodies program for?

Anyone age 18-80 plus suffering muscle and joint pains around the body from head to foot.

The program will also benefit anyone interested learning techniques and strategies to maintain a well functioning pain free posture, such as workers or people engaging in sports wanting to enhance their performance.

BTW you will be given homework.

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